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Alright. Here we go. What are your opinions of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Tom Chamberlain, their forgotten brother John, and how the brotherhood of the first two is portrayed in the first movie? (One can tell by my name and what I'm asking about that Chamberlain is amazing...)


This is the keychain that has been on my car keys for four years since I visited the battlefield:


One day, I left my keys in the front door and my awesome Dad, remembering my favorite officer at Gettysburg, put this inside:


So suffice it to say, I carry JLC around with me everywhere!

Now, I will admit that most of my knowledge of Chamberlain stems from the Shaara novels and their movies, but I think they portrayed him excellently. I mean, the guy was a teacher who loved his country and went to fight, and ended up saving the Union line because of his gutsy decision to charge down Little Round Top and run off the rebels. I flippin’ love this man. And his speech at the commemoration of the 20th Maine (Oooh, I was so THERE when I visited Little Round Top) is one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever read. I’ll quote it in a later post.

Now, I don’t know much about his family life, so I can’t form an accurate opinion on John, but the way they portrayed him and Tom was precious—“DON’T CALL ME LAWRENCE!” :’) From all that I’ve read, I’ve gotten the impression that JLC was not only an great soldier but a great man in his principles and conduct toward others and the war.



  1. chaosfive55 said: Well, all I can say about Joshua is: ONE BAYONET CHARGE SAVED THE UNION!!!! …but let us never forget that Grant REALLY won the war by taking Vicksburg and the entire Mississippi River that same week. I have said my piece.
  2. thegreatsporkwielder said: ALSO HIS MUSTACHE IS A THING OF BEAUTY.
  3. unigenitus said: Look up General Green who fought on Culps Hill at Gettysburg. He led a similar charge, but because he died recently after the war, he wasn’t as recognized as JLC, who returned many times to the battlefield.
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